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Great potential among Nordic engineers to address climate change

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 27, 2017 07:56 CEST

The Nordic consulting engineering industries contribute to more sustainable societies with a minimal impact on climate change. What are the challenges for contributing even more? This was one of the issues addressed at the Nordic Consulting Engineering summit held in Greenland.

This year’s Nordic summit focused on Climate Change and Arctic Engineering. The summit gathered representatives from all the Nordic countries.

The consulting engineering industries have a unique and great potential to contribute to a more sustainable society with a minimal impact on climate change. Sustainable buildings, energy supply, effective use of resources and the development of the right type of infrastructure are just some examples. But also designing solutions that are adaptive to the consequences of climate change are essential for sustainable 21st century societies. This is more urgent in the Arctic region than anywhere else.

The industry has great knowledge of green technology development and are prepared to contribute with its know-how and engagement to attain more climate friendly societies, and societies that are more resilient to climate change. However, the development towards more sustainable buildings and climate friendly societies is to slow. To speed up the process better regulation and incentives are needed.

The Nordic consulting engineers see a need for the following actions:

  • Planning and investment in infrastructure and buildings must be long term with a strong focus on climate efficient development.
  • Stricter regulations that support sustainable development is promoted before and during planning and construction of buildings and infrastructure.
  • Economic incentives are needed to drive long-term environmental friendly technologies and climate smart societies.
  • A clear legislation regarding prevention of waste.
  • A strengthening of the technical and engineering educations across the Nordic countries.

The Nordic consulting engineering industry deliver innovation and long-term thinking in the day to day services. As an industry, we are able to contribute to the goals set in the UN 2030-Agenda towards a more sustainable way of living. But to achieve the global goals, and strengthen the delivery of solutions, the right prerequisites are needed.

Magnus Höij, managing director, Svenska Teknik&Designföretagen, Sweden

Liv Kari Hansteen, managing director, RIF, Norway

Henrik Garver, managing director, FRI (Foreningen af Rådgivende Ingeniører), Denmark

Markku Moilanen, chairman, SKOL, Finland

Tryggvi Jónsson, chairman, FRV, Iceland

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